Understanding Carmine: The Ingredient Behind The Hues

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As a makeup enthusiast, it's essential to be aware of the ingredients used in the products we purchase. One such ingredient that has raised concerns among consumers is carmine. In this blog post, we will explore what carmine is, its source, and its impact on halal, vegan, and vegetarian considerations. We will also provide a list of makeup products that contain carmine, allowing you to make an informed choice.

What is Carmine?

Carmine, also known as cochineal extract or Natural Red 4, is a red pigment derived from the dried and crushed bodies of the female cochineal insect (Dactylopius coccus). These insects are native to Central and South America and have been used for centuries to produce vibrant red dyes.

Carmine and Halal Considerations:

For those seeking halal-certified products, carmine is generally considered non-halal. This is because it is derived from an animal source, and according to halal guidelines, the use of insects for colorants is not permissible. If you follow halal practices, it's important to check the ingredient list carefully to avoid products containing carmine.

Carmine and Vegan/Vegetarian Considerations:

Carmine is also not suitable for vegans or vegetarians, as it is an animal-derived ingredient. Vegan and vegetarian lifestyles typically exclude the use of any animal by-products. In this case, carmine is derived from insects, making it incompatible with these dietary preferences.

Products Containing Carmine:

Here is a list of makeup products by brand that are currently being sold that contain Carmine. Please note that ingredient formulations can change, so it's crucial to double-check the ingredient list before purchasing:


Even Better Pop Lip Colour Foundation: Blush

Huda Beauty:

Liquid Matte Lipstick: Cheerleader

MAC Cosmetics:

Retro Matte Lipstick: Dangerous

Matte Lipstick: Taupe, Sin

Please refer here for a full list of products containing carmine.


Being informed about the ingredients in the makeup products we use is crucial, especially when it comes to adhering to specific dietary or lifestyle choices. Carmine, a red pigment derived from insects, is not suitable for those following halal, vegan, or vegetarian practices. By carefully examining product labels and ingredient lists, you can make conscious decisions that align with your values and preferences.


Remember, knowledge empowers us to make informed choices that suit our needs and values.

Thank you to those who have raised this concern with me, I hope this article has been enlightening for all! Until next time ...

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