About Us

Who is Caked?

Caked is a developing beauty brand which was founded by seventeen year old, Fatima Laher.

The Founder

I am a young entrepreneur who has developed a passion for all-things-beauty from a young age. I completed a short course in Marketing at the University of Cape Town and I have a family background in Business. I have always had access to many opportunities and consistent support from my family.

I've always been extremely passionate about makeup and the gateway it provided to express my creativity. From a young age, I have always enjoyed exploring different colours, pigments, products, routines and makeup brands from around the world. Makeup provides a gateway to exploring ones own creativity, preferences and interests. I honestly believe that there is no right or wrong way to apply makeup.

My Experiences & Inspiration

I've always been asked, "Why do you apply all of that makeup?", or "Who are you trying to impress?". My answer to these questions are simply, "for myself".

I have always struggled with the pressures of having to look a certain way because of the unrealistic standards set by society. My insecurities have always held me back and have thus stopped me from achieving my full potential. Throughout my experiences, I have learnt to start accepting myself and being comfortable in my own skin. It doesn't matter what others think about you. Remember, your opinion should always come first.

Makeup is not a disguise or a means to hide oneself. It is simply a door to express your own creativity, accentuate and define your features. Confidence is key and everyone should be able to unlock the best version of themselves to their own liking. I was inspired by my own experiences to create a brand to make women and men feel comfortable in their own bodies and accepting of themselves and others. 

The Future

Caked is a beauty brand which has been built upon passion and creativity. The future holds countless opportunities to adapt to the ever-changing world we live in and the barriers which are slowly deteriorating regarding the "social norms" which hold many back. Our brand will aim to build an original makeup line which will stand for inclusivity, affordability and acceptance.